Products for Oil&Gas

Equipment Set for the Remotely-Controlled Removal of Sludge from Oil Tanks

The ESOT is a Proven Technology.
Firstly deployed in March 2016, ESOT has since been confirmed by satisfied customers and cleaned a large number of oil tanks.
ESOT- Improves safety and significantly accelerate your oil storage tank cleaning with robot

New robotic technology

Equipment Set (ESOT) consists of:

  • ADEX remote-controlled vehicle for the suction of oil sludge from the oil storage tanks. The vehicle is designed to transport a suction hose and for the work in ATEX Zone 0 environment
  • A transportable ventilated cabin, TVC, for the remote control of the vehicle and the safe installation and operation of the hydraulic power pack and the TV signals from the remote-controlled vehicle. The TVC cabin is designed for safe work in ATEX Zone 2 or Zone 1 environment
  • The TV-control, remote-control of the vehicle and hydraulic power pack are positioned in a non-explosive environment inside the TVC cabin and is switched on after the area is ventilated

ESOT can substitute up to 90% of human work in removing Oil Tank Sludge

ESOT system consists from ADEX rover and TVC cabin. Customers have cleared over 30 tanks in the last 18 months.
Rover ADEX for ATEX ZONE 0 with TV cameras.
Rover ADEX goes through manhole opening
Rover ADEX detail, stainless steel AISI 316, robust and durable construction.
Everything for work and transport is packed in the TVC cabin
Comfortable chair for 12 hours working time in the air conditioning TVC cabin. TVC cabin is for ATEX ZONE2 or ZONE1.  Inside the cabin is a non-explosive environment.
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Products for NUCLEAR

  • Remote operated vehicle for underwater cleaning
  • Reactor vesel cleaning (WWER 440 Nuclear power plant)
  • Primary and secundary tank cleaning in Nuclear power plant
  • Underwater to 20 m


Romote-controlled rover ADC 1 & ADX 2.1
  • Visual inspection of pipes and reactor vessel under water (up to 20m)
  • Extraction of foreign objects
  • Sampling & cleaning
  • Operation in pipes with internal dimension of at least 200 mm
  • Work in environment with radioactive substances

Download datasheet ADX 2.1 (pdf)

ADX - 2.1

ADX - 2.1


Volkswagen Slovakia, Slovakia
SE, a.s., NPP Mochovce, Slovakia
SE, a.s., NPP Jaslovské Bohunice, Slovakia
VUJE, a.s., Slovakia
ST-Cleaning, Netherlands
ICI –Services BV
MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd, Hungary

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